Look out for these Major Trends in Corporate Video Production

Heard the one about the average attention span being shorter than a goldfish’s? Fortunately, it’s not true: the average attention span is not shrinking. Unfortunately, it’s doing something far more problematic. According to research by Prezi & Kelton Global, attention spans have evolved into an ingenious new coping mechanism enabling us to ignore a vast proportion of the content we face daily. That’s bad news for all brands and businesses trying to cut through the content clutter.

But there’s one medium that still catches the eyes and attention of target audiences: video. When it comes to engagement, video content leaves all other communication formats behind. As a custom corporate production company, you’d probably expect us to champion video, but don’t just take our word for it. According to Optinmonster, 84% of people say that a brand’s video has convinced them to buy a product or service.

If you’re going to choose a video to stay ahead of the competition (and we highly recommend it), you need to be aware of the top trends currently changing the world of corporate video production. So here they are.

Corporate Video Production Trends

1   Explainer Videos:

It’s time to ditch the traditional (aka easily-ignored) methods of pitching products and services. Product explainer videos are the latest market disruption changing the way smart brands and businesses showcase their products to potential customers.

 Explainer videos take deep-dive insights into how a product or service works and pinpoint exactly how they can benefit your target audience. They’re particularly effective for businesses with complex or new products that would otherwise prompt a range of questions. Product explainer videos give the viewer a thorough understanding of the product, addressing all queries upfront and drastically reducing time-to-purchase.

 Watch our Centapay showreel for a better understanding of how explainer videos work.

2   Social Media Videos:

With the whopping number of viral videos over the last few years, you won’t be surprised to learn that people adore watching videos on social media. But you might be surprised to learn that in 2020, the world witnessed a 96% upsurge in online video consumption …and no, that’s not a typo, we checked!  

So it makes sense for brands to create videos specifically designed to appeal to social media fans. Social media videos tend to be shorter and punchier than your average advert, which means you need to communicate your message in less than 90 seconds. It’s not an easy task, but it’s one the Tell My Story team has turned into art! 

Influencers are the other big social media story, and it’s no longer just big international brands collaborating with them. Local and more niche businesses are increasingly seeing the value of Social media influencers and leveraging their followers to spread their own words to a wider audience.  

To really understand the positive impact of a well-made social media video, take a look at the ones we created for Good George and the All Blacks. (Video Preview: Good George Social & All Black)

3   A High Degree of Personalization:

If you’re thinking personalization sounds like the antithesis of corporate video production, think again. Personalization should sit at the heart of all good corporate video production services. It’s what makes business videos shine, giving audiences that sense of resonance and connection with a brand or brand message. 

While true personalization (bespoke content for every customer) is beyond the reach of most, it’s still possible to create video variations that appeal to individual market segments. Or, with a little help from the experts (like your friends at Tell My Story) to create a video that feels personal and connected to your entire target audience. This is where demographics, psychographics, and buying and browsing behaviours become crucial: customer insights are the key to creating video content that feels personalized and genuine. 

Remember, people only choose brands they resonate with. So, in a world of ruthless competition, use personalization to make your brand stand out for all the right reasons.

4   Storytelling Not Promotion:

Gone are the days when hard-sell promotional videos boosted conversions. Today’s consumers are smarter and far less likely to take simple promotional videos at face value. They naturally seek out brand resonation over brand promotion, and that means storytelling is now a vital element of corporate video production.

Great storytelling helps captivate and draw in audiences. Sometimes it’s about tugging at heartstrings, sometimes it’s about causing them to pause and reflect. But it’s always about giving people a reason to relate to your brand.  

A really powerful brand story can make price differences, shipping times and other minor competitive disadvantages, seem inconsequential. Storytelling turns brand positioning into something really unique. It separates you from and elevates you above the competition. That’s why corporate video production companies across the globe are focusing on crafting genuine stories for their clients.


These four trends are revolutionizing corporate video production. Today’s most successful corporate videos use psychological and behavioural insights to improve both engagement and effectiveness. They focus on the customer and tell a story that taps into their beliefs and values, talking to them on their own terms via words and images with a personal appeal. 

For brands and businesses, it’s no longer acceptable to choose a corporate video production company that only churns out beautiful looking videos. It’s about choosing one that also understands and identifies with your target audience.

At Tell My Story, we make it our job to understand your target audience inside-out. We gather insights, observe current customer trends, and craft a suitable strategy way before we step behind a camera. Then we add in all the creative elements necessary to produce world-class corporate videos.

 Our corporate video production service combines insight, creativity and skill – and the result is videos that reach out to, and captivate your target audiences, whoever they are. If that sounds good, get in touch with us today.

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